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Claudia Perez

Chef Claudia has been teaching her unique style of elegant cuisine for the past sixteen years. She nurtured her gift as a teacher with Sur La Table as the manager of the culinary program. Her specialties include classic French dishes as well as beloved Asian favorites that entice the palate. Chef Claudia is thorough, patient, and loves to see her students making great food and having fun while doing it.

Malcolm Hardy

Chef Malcolm is a certified culinary trainer and recipe tester specializing in South American and plant-based cuisines. Chef Malcolm has spent many years working behind the scenes in the hotel and hospitality industries and has since transitioned into the corporate space. Now, Chef Malcolm works for one of the largest companies in the world teaching interactive cooking classes in a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen.

Micheal Santos

Chef Michael's deep passion for food and global cuisine stems from his travels to more than 20 countries. Classically trained as a gourmet chef and hospitality manager in Germany, his native country, Chef Michael has served celebrities and worked at five-star restaurants. His vast culinary, hospitality, and leadership experience, and enthusiastic personality make for deeply engaging, entertaining, and truly unforgettable classes.

Ashley Fisher

Chef Ashley has worked as a sushi chef in Japanese restaurants for more than a decade and enjoys learning more about the cultural melting pot of San Francisco every day. He has experienced global ethnic cuisines, which serve as inspiration for the many flavors and spices in his Japanese dishes. Among Chef Edison's favorite ingredients are olive oil, Thai chili, jalapeños, and sea salt, and he looks forward to teaching you how to cook with them!


"I can't wait to meet and teach all of our exciting new friends"

Joseph G - Chef & Owner

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